Thursday, March 18, 2010

Parents Visit Trinidad & Tobago

I have been on assignment now for a little over 3 months here in Trinidad and enjoying every aspect of work and relaxation.  My mom has been itching to come down here since the Christmas plans fell through.  Finally my dad had a weekend off and they were on the next plane out.  Due to the short time period in which they would be staying I had to cram in a lot of action to ensure they received the full experience.

I first took them to Maracas Beach to enjoy some local Bake and Shark.  Luckily we went later in the afternoon so it was not too crowed.  My dad was attempting to try to get a picture of a wave curling over and one with a wave crashing into me.  He would tell me to get ready so I could brace myself; however one time our communication was not in sync and I was caught in the wave.  Needless to say I went tumbling over and over again towards the shore.  My bathing suit bottoms are a little big so it felt as though they were going to slip off.  A thought flashed through my mind like in a movie that I would pop up from the water and see my suit bottoms floating away.  Luckily it was only a thought and tradegy was avoided!

The iguana that I saw running across the road into the tree.  The local here decided to interrupt my picture taking and grab him and walk off stating he was going to eat him.  Then we wanted pictures (since I spotted him) and he wanted $5USD...kind of a jerk move!  He wouldn't have had this treat if it wasn't for me!

Majority of the weekend was spent over in Tobago, the island approximately 8 miles north of Trinidad.  The plane ride takes 20 minutes which helps to maximize on activities when you are in a time crunch.  I had not yet been to Tobago so it was a new experience for everyone.  When you think of Caribbean you think of sandy white beaches with clear warm water - exactly what you see in Tobago.  Not many tourists so the experience was that much more relaxing.  We took a glass bottom boat tour which allowed you to see the ocean floor as the boat traveled into Buccoo Reef where we went snorkeling.

The boat tour also took us to the Nylon pool which is a sandbar, only waist deep, out in the middle of the ocean.  It was formed by decomposed coral.  The guide, Ringo, told us to take a handfull and rub over your skin for exfoliation - apparently you will feel 10 years younger...I think that is supposed to hook the elder folks of the crowd.  My skin did feel nice for all of 5 minutes.  We attempted to take some underwater pictures but those are now being developed the old fashioned way....didn't have digital! I will post those at a later date if any turned out.

Afterwards we drove around and through the forest preserve on the island.  Initially we kept having trouble recognizing which direction we needed to go at each fork (there were a lot of them) to stay on the main road because most roads do not appear on the map and a "main" road does not appear like a main road as you may think.  My dad and I navigated and told my mom which direction to go...sometimes we would disagree but we always managed to get on the correct route. 

For breakfast we ate at the Original House of Pancakes; now I know what y'all are all thinking ... there is an ihop there...?!  Well that is the same initial thought that crossed my mind but it is just a small mom/pop restaurant with large portions at the right price.  I recommend this place to anyway who visits.  The owner's name is Cathy who is originally from California but always wanted to retire and live on an island.  Super sweet woman that makes a mean chocolate pancake - yummy!

It was a good getaway and fun to have my parents be able to visit me on assignment.  Even though I was 8 miles from Trinidad I felt as though it was a destination in the middle of nowhere.  Quite relaxing.  I am ready to return!